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* (F.S.O.P) Fire Safety Operating Procedures
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* Fire Evacuation Planning
* Fire Equipment Assessments

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  1. The primary fire related Laws, Rules and Regulations, Codes, and Standards used by the Community Risk Reduction Division include: O.C.G.A. Title 25, Chapter 2, OCGA Title 30, Gwinnett County Fire Prevention and Protection Ordinance (March 20, 2012), Chapter 120-3-3 Rules and Regulations for the State Minimum Fire Safety Standards, Other Rules and Regulation of the Safety Fire Commissioner, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2012), International Fire Code (2012)(IFC), Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines 2010 (2010 ADAG), and other codes and standards Fire Safety, Fire Watch, Procedures North America, Canada, Mexico, Fire Hazards, Fire Insurance, Fires California, California Wildfires, Brush Fires, Camp Fires engines, check out our top of page

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